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Frequently Asked Questions
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3500 East TC Jester, Suite G
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Where does Houston Dance Works hold dance classes?
Email: info@houstondanceworks.com
Phone: (713)956-4870
How do I contact Houston Dance Works?
Registration for the summer classes begins April 1st. Registration for the fall-spring classes begins June 27th. Houston Dance Works believes in building dance through confidence. We are located easily in Oak Forest, Garden Oaks, Candlelight Park, Timbergrove, Lazybrook, Heights, Shady Acres, and surrounding areas of Houston. 
When does registration start?
Three ways:
1. In person during office hours or an “Open House” day 
2. Online
3. Via mail
How do I register for classes at Houston Dance Works?
Tuition is calculated by adding the total cost of the dance season and diving by 10, to come to 10 equal monthly installments. Your first installment is due at the time of registration, and subsequent installments are due on the first calendar day of the month, beginning September 1st.
How is tuition calculated?
Yes.  You may register at any time.  Students must be registered by January 31st to participate in the June recital.
Can I begin classes after the start of a dance season?
Students enrolling after the start of the year may have a different amount for their first installment. From the date of enrollment, we look at the cost of classes for the remainder of the season for a student and subtract the remaining tuition to be paid throughout the season. If the cost of classes for the remainder of the season is greater than the remaining tuition to be paid, the student will have a Tuition Remainder Charge added to the first installment; if less, the student will have a credit subtracted from the first installment. We do this to ensure tuition is fair for all and students are only charged for classes from the point of enrollment.
How is the first installment calculated if I begin after the start of a new dance season?
From our experience, it becomes distracting to students to have visitors observing the class. We understand that parents want to see what the children are learning in class, so we have a closed-circuit system that allows you to watch your child's class from our lobby.
Can parents watch class from inside the dance room at Houston Dance Works?
We have designated bring a friend to class week and events. Please watch for notes regarding these dates!
Can my child bring a friend to class at Houston Dance Works?
Yes. If you are interested in private lessons or custom choreography, please contact us at 713-956-4870 or info@houstondanceworks.com
Does Houston Dance Works provide private lessons?
Yes. The 2020 Houston Dance Works recital show is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, June 6-7, 2020. 
Does Houston Dance Works have an annual recital?
We believe in building confidence through dance, and the joy and positivity that fill our lobby and dance rooms simply radiates the energy and cohesiveness that we value. Our team is here to guide your dancer on their unforgettable journey in dance that leads to so many possibilities beyond our dance rooms. If there is any way we can assist you, please let us know!
Why enroll at Houston Dance Works?
We give families a discount on dance classes! Simply add the First Student Tuition rate for the total number of hours for that student to the rate for the Additional Student Discount for the total number of hours for the all of the additional family members enrolled at Houston Dance Works. Please note this discount is only open to immediate family members living in the same house.
How does the “Additional Student Discount” work at Houston Dance Works?
Mommy and Me classes are a fun way for mommy and aspiring dancers to take dance class together! Mommy and Me classes are only 30 minutes long and children will learn fun rhythm games, basic movement concepts, coordination, stretches, and classroom etiquette in a fun, safe environment with Mom or Dad. This class is a great way to interact with your child in a fun and creative way. This is a class for children 18 months - 3 years old.
What are Mommy and Me classes at Houston Dance Works?
At Houston Dance Works, we believe in providing students with a quality education to become well rounded dancers. We offer our Accelerated Dance program for dancers interested in studying dance intensely. As a part of the program, students do attend dance conventions, and depending upon the level of Accelerated Dance you are in, dancers attend competitions. Acceptance into Accelerated Dance is through auditions every May.
Does Houston Dance Works have a competitive dance company?

Our tuition cost is based on the total number of quarter hours a student is enrolled in.  To view tuition cost for the classes you would like to enroll in, please create an account here and choose the classes you would like to enroll in.
Where can I find tuition cost?